Audiobook REVIEW: The Cross of Ciaran

Ciaran is the son of a goddess, he is to bear a child in her name and sacrifice the woman who bears the child, as is the tradition of priests of his time. When he meets a young woman who is a Christian, he will do anything to be with her (and keep her fromContinue reading “Audiobook REVIEW: The Cross of Ciaran”

Audiobook REVIEW: My Dear Henry

Gabriel is a Black, gay man pursuing a medical degree when he meets Henry Jekyll, a handsome young man whose father is an anatomy professor. The two carry on an affair until they are found out and are expelled from school. Henry writes Gabriel a letter asking him to move on. Meanwhile a white haired,Continue reading “Audiobook REVIEW: My Dear Henry”

REVIEW: The Spite House

A spite house is a house that is built literally to piss off the neighbors. This particular spite house has been reported to be haunted and the owner is looking for someone to stay there to document what is happening. Eric and his daughters are looking for a quick way to make money as theyContinue reading “REVIEW: The Spite House”


Maddie is in her 20s living in London taking care of her ailing father. Her mother lives most of the year in Ghana taking care of her business so Maddie is the one left to keep her father well. She gets fired from her job and when her mother comes back she nudges Maddie toContinue reading “REVIEW: Maame”

REVIEW: Finding Me

I love Hollywood memoirs and this one hits all the best notes. Viola tells us about her childhood, which was fraught with poverty, alcoholism and abuse. She ca pinpoint exactly the moment acting grabbed her and how it helped her feel seen and be able to give that gift to others. I loved the storiesContinue reading “REVIEW: Finding Me”

REVIEW: The Bennet Women

The Bennet Women is billed as a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. EJ, Jaime and Tessa are college girls living in a women’s dorm at a prestigious college. EJ is an ambitious Black engineer who is more focused on her future than love. Tessa is a newly transitioned woman who is navigating the dayContinue reading “REVIEW: The Bennet Women”

REVIEW: We Deserve Monuments

Mama Letty is dying and her only daughter is relocating her family to be there for the final days. But there has been a rift between them and her teenage daughter, Avery, is determined to open up the old wounds and try to heal them. Lots of intense teenage emotion in this one. Avery feels everythingContinue reading “REVIEW: We Deserve Monuments”

REVIEW: Picture in the Sand

Alex is a young Muslim boy who has disappeared from his American home only to end up overseas supporting a fanatical sect. When his grandfather finds out, he begins emailing, opening up about when he was a youth and had a similar experience as a youth being attracted to fundamentalism. His story takes place onContinue reading “REVIEW: Picture in the Sand”

REVIEW: Demon Copperhead

“The wonder is that you could start life with nothing, end with nothing, and lose so much in between.” ——————“I don’t know a single person, my age who’s not taking pills.” ——————- Kingsolver gives you exactly what she promises with this one. This story is stark and heartbreaking with a 2022 view on institutional povertyContinue reading “REVIEW: Demon Copperhead”


I know there’s a lot of controversy around this one, but it’s definitely unprecedented to have such frank access to a royal family member. This document will be analyzed forever throughout history. I don’t blame Harry for taking the opportunity to tell his truth. Especially because he feels so deeply that his family didn’t properlyContinue reading “REVIEW: Spare”