REVIEW: River Sing Me Home

“She gave herself permission to live, as she had given herself permission to live before. There was a kernel of something indestructible inside her, that neither slavery nor grief could shatter.” ————– “Here was a motherless child, and though Rachel was not a childless mother, there were plenty of holes in her heart where childrenContinue reading “REVIEW: River Sing Me Home”

REVIEW: Black Cake

Eleanor Bennett has died and her children are left a recording that rocks their world. Byron is the successful and faithful son who stood by his parents as they aged. Benny is a bit more of a free spirit working to find herself and fulfillment and her parents have judged her choices causing her toContinue reading “REVIEW: Black Cake”

Pub Day REVIEW: House of Eve

In this novel, Johnson gives us the story of two Black girls in the 1950’s who come from different circumstances facing the realities of growing up. Ruby is a high school girl in a scholarship program, looking to be an ophthalmologist, a huge feat considering her family background. When she meets and falls for aContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: House of Eve”

REVIEW: Angel of Greenwood

“Contentment is an earned thing,” she replied. “Not something you get without accumulating years worth of scars.” ————————— Angel of Greenwood is another must read for all hoping to understand what it is to be Black in America. As powerful and compelling as Dear Martin and as beautifully written as The Love Songs of WEBContinue reading “REVIEW: Angel of Greenwood”