Pub Day REVIEW: House of Eve

In this novel, Johnson gives us the story of two Black girls in the 1950’s who come from different circumstances facing the realities of growing up. Ruby is a high school girl in a scholarship program, looking to be an ophthalmologist, a huge feat considering her family background. When she meets and falls for aContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: House of Eve”

REVIEW: We Deserve Monuments

Mama Letty is dying and her only daughter is relocating her family to be there for the final days. But there has been a rift between them and her teenage daughter, Avery, is determined to open up the old wounds and try to heal them. Lots of intense teenage emotion in this one. Avery feels everythingContinue reading “REVIEW: We Deserve Monuments”

Pub Week REVIEW: The Drift

“No one ever thinks they’re the bad guy. We all kid ourselves that we’re the hero of the story. And we’re usually wrong.” ——————– Is it too early to be reading virus-related dystopian fiction?  I say no, especially if it’s this good! I absolutely loved this story! I’m not going to summarize because I thinkContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: The Drift”