Pub Day REVIEW: What Lies in the Woods

Twenty two years ago, three eleven year old best friends used to play imaginary games in the woods. But on one horrible afternoon they were attacked, with Naomi’s testimony a serial killer was arrested. Now a podcaster is looking into the truth of their story and the girls are forced to confront what really happenedContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: What Lies in the Woods”

REVIEW: Lessons in Chemistry

Elizabeth Zott is a woman before her time. She is passionate about chemistry in a world that only wants to see her as a housewife. She moves through her career being defined by the men around her. Being used and abused, with no one acknowledging her brain or her talent but rather her looks. WhenContinue reading “REVIEW: Lessons in Chemistry”

REVIEW: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

“No, you’ll never die and if you ever died, I’d just start the game again.” ——————————– “The boredom you speak of… It is what most of us call happiness.” ——————————– “Sometimes, I would be in so much pain. The only thing that kept me from wanting to die was the fact that I could leaveContinue reading “REVIEW: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”

REVIEW: A Woman is No Man

This is a beautiful story about the pressure of culture and religious tradition throughout the generations. While the story focuses on the expectations of being a Palestinian woman, we also learn a lot about what it is to be a Palestinan man. Neither gender has it easy with all of the cultural pressure to appearContinue reading “REVIEW: A Woman is No Man”