REVIEW: Drowning

Another pulse pounding airplane thriller from TJ Newman. No way I could resist this one. Once again the audiobook is read by Steven Weber and I am here for it! Our unsuspecting passengers are departing Hawaii when tragedy strikes and the plane is about to be ditched. From the jump there are harrowing decisions andContinue reading “REVIEW: Drowning”

REVIEW: Fourth Wing

🚨 Unpopular opinion ahead 🚨 Ooof another bookstagram darling that I think is just a meh. I found the first two thirds of this one to be really slow and dull. Then it turned into porn. Finally, the last 20% had some good battles and dragon action. I know the ending was supposed to beContinue reading “REVIEW: Fourth Wing”

REVIEW: In the Lives of Puppets

So, I thought I was not a fan of TJ Klune’s writing, I DNFed The House in the Cerulean Sea. Cozy, feel good books with little plot do nothing for me. But Fairyloot saw fit to drop this at my door. My first inclination was to plot it online for sale. But those pretty pages said, ‘justContinue reading “REVIEW: In the Lives of Puppets”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Final Party

Ness is turning 40. She and her husband have invited their two closest couple friends on holiday in Sorrento with them. They are there to celebrate, but they are also there to settle an old score. This group has secrets and they are threatening to come out. Whew, these are the most complex group ofContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Final Party”

REVIEW: The Golden Spoon

Great British Bakeoff Murder Mystery?  Yeah, it’s as good as it sounds. It’s got all the baking drama you’d hope for as well as some fun, complex characters. The book starts off with a murder and we are then thrown back to when the competition started to meet our 6 bakers and the two hosts. AsContinue reading “REVIEW: The Golden Spoon”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Chateau

Darcy and her three best friends are on holiday in France staying at her grandmother’s chateau. Her grandmother is quite old and has asked them to gather one last time. She has a message for each of them. But before she can deliver it, she is brutally murdered in her bed. The girls are leftContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Chateau”

Pub Week REVIEW: Rogue Justice

Avery Keene is amidst an impeachment scandal that took down the President. He is trying to claw his way back into power by discrediting her. Then a judge turns up dead and she witnesses another be murdered. So from page one there is non-stop action as she tries to figure out one conspiracy while extracting herselfContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: Rogue Justice”

REVIEW: The Great Reclamation

We meet Ah Boon when he is just a boy in a small village. His father and uncle are fisherman and he expects his life will be the same. He is a boon to his family and the village when he can find a set of mysterious islands that are bountiful with fish. As heContinue reading “REVIEW: The Great Reclamation”

REVIEW: Sea of Tranquility

Emily St. John Mandel does it again… I slept on this one a little bit because pandemic dystopia felt a little too raw when this one came out. But Station Eleven is also pandemic fiction and it’s one of my all time favorites.This one is equally unique and layered and heartbreaking. I’m not even goingContinue reading “REVIEW: Sea of Tranquility”

REVIEW: The Adult

“As Nora slept, I imagined a cold creek rolling through the grooves of her mind. A dream where their inner thoughts were rinsing themselves, basking in the streaming water. I thought it would be wonderful to go to sleep, full of complication, full of knots, and for those dense points to have drifted free byContinue reading “REVIEW: The Adult”