Pub Day REVIEW: Immortality

I enjoyed last year’s Anatomy where we followed Hazel as she pretended to be a man to learn to be a surgeon in early 1800’s Edinburgh. She is practicing medicine now, as well as she can as a woman who has not qualified, often helping those who can not afford a “real” doctor. When sheContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Immortality”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Angel Maker

Alex North gives us another solid mystery with The Angel Maker. I’m not sure I agree that this one is labelled a thriller but it’s a suspenseful, sometimes creepy story with a nice police procedural peppered throughout. We get a few different viewpoints of what ostensibly starts off as a missing person story and ends up withContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Angel Maker”

REVIEW: The Spite House

A spite house is a house that is built literally to piss off the neighbors. This particular spite house has been reported to be haunted and the owner is looking for someone to stay there to document what is happening. Eric and his daughters are looking for a quick way to make money as theyContinue reading “REVIEW: The Spite House”

REVIEW: The Vanishing Half

This is a story about a set of twins who were born in small town Louisiana. This town is full of light-skinned African-Americans and the twins fit in, but hope for more in life. When they run away, one decides to live a drastically different life pretending that she has white. The other marries aContinue reading “REVIEW: The Vanishing Half”

REVIEW: The Davenports

I loved this. It demonstrates a piece of history that is not well known or celebrated, but should be: Black prosperity in the North post-slavery. The Davenports are a wealthy, socially respected family who are dealing with the life pressures of their skin color and their socio-economic status. We get to follow four young debutanteContinue reading “REVIEW: The Davenports”

REVIEW: Sharks in the Time of Saviors

This story explores Hawaiian culture and beliefs in a world where mainstream culture is sweeping away that identity. We follow one family who think they have been touched by the gods, destined for greatness after their 7 year old son is saved by sharks. Their belief in the potential to pull themselves out of the worldContinue reading “REVIEW: Sharks in the Time of Saviors”

REVIEW: River Sing Me Home

“She gave herself permission to live, as she had given herself permission to live before. There was a kernel of something indestructible inside her, that neither slavery nor grief could shatter.” ————– “Here was a motherless child, and though Rachel was not a childless mother, there were plenty of holes in her heart where childrenContinue reading “REVIEW: River Sing Me Home”

REVIEW: What’s Mine and Yours

This is the story of two families in rural North Carolina, we see their lives through several decades. Both families have challenging socioeconomic circumstances, they’ve dealt with violence, substance abuse and criminal activity. Their lives crash when the local schools integrate and we see one family who is white passing and one who is definitivelyContinue reading “REVIEW: What’s Mine and Yours”

REVIEW: Exiles

At last year’s local wine festival, a mother goes missing, leaving her baby alone in the park. A year later, there is no leads on what happened. Detective Falk is in the area for a christening and he finds himself drawn into the small community, looking to put together the pieces and solve the disappearanceContinue reading “REVIEW: Exiles”

REVIEW: This Poison Heart

Briseis is adopted and living happily, albeit maybe not so affluently with her mothers. They run a flower shop that relies on Brisies’s special talent with plants. They can’t quite explain it and know enough to keep it secret but it’s barely helping them scrape by. On the summer of Briseis’s 17th year, they areContinue reading “REVIEW: This Poison Heart”