REVIEW: A Dowry of Blood

“We’ve waltzed through a hundred tiny apocalypses, you and I, walked unharmed through the ash of countless crumbling regimes. We feast on the ruin of empires, Constanta. Their destructionis our high feast day.” —————————— Oh how I love a good story about Dracula. In this tale we are reading his “wife” Constanta’s final letters toContinue reading “REVIEW: A Dowry of Blood”

REVIEW: The Fifth Daughter Of Thorn Ranch

Emma is a fifth generation female owner of The Thorn, A massive ranch in Texas. The women and her family have only ever had one daughter and the daughter is in charge of it all. The ranch is such a massive property that not all of it has been explored. When Emma goes out onContinue reading “REVIEW: The Fifth Daughter Of Thorn Ranch”

Pub Day REVIEW: Hester

Hester tells us the story of Isobel, a red haired Scot who has synesthesia – an ability to associate colors with letters and sounds. She is from a long line of women descended from a witch who escaped her trial. When Isobel emigrates to Salem, Massachusetts their history with witch trials has her senses heightened andContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Hester”

REVIEW: Mother of Strangers

Mother of Strangers tells us the story of Subhi and Shams, two young teens living in Jaffa in 1947 as Palestine is partitioned. We hear the heartbreaking tale of these two hopeful children who must cope with the changes, uncertainty and violence that is thrust into their lives. Subhi is this dreamer of a boyContinue reading “REVIEW: Mother of Strangers”

REVIEW: Poster Girl

Veronica Roth does dystopian like no other, we get these complex, character driven stories with well detailed worlds that are slowly revealed to us as the characters deal with their day to day struggles.  Sonya is a political prisoner. As a young girl, she was a supporter of and poster girl for the now fallenContinue reading “REVIEW: Poster Girl”

Pub Day REVIEW: Dead Flip

What a love letter to the 90’s this book is! From page one we are dripping in TGIF, arcade and Huey Lewis references. We get great 2020s rep though, our main character is Iranian and one of his best friends is queer. Maz, Cori and Sam are pre-teen besties until Sam goes missing one Halloween.Continue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Dead Flip”

REVIEW: Wild Seed

I’m a huge fan of Octavia Butler and I have been trying to work my way through her back list. When I saw Wild Seed was on Kindle Unlimited, I thought it was time for me to immerse myself in The Patternist’s story.  Butler’s dystopian stories always mirror real world issues with a bit of fantasticalContinue reading “REVIEW: Wild Seed”

REVIEW: Emergency Contact

“I’m happy to know you exist. And even though I feel like I screwed things up, I thought I’d let you know. And also to remind you that I exist also.” ————————————– Oh be still my heart. I am not one to gush over a book, especially romance. But I just loved Penny and Sam.Continue reading “REVIEW: Emergency Contact”

REVIEW: What Jonah Knew

Jonah is a child who was born after a local musician goes missing. He is haunted with night terrors and often says strange things a child wouldn’t even so much as claiming his mother is not really his mother. His family crosses paths with the family of the missing man and he recognizes his dogContinue reading “REVIEW: What Jonah Knew”

REVIEW: The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy

Mercy is an undertaker’s daughter who is more involved in the business than a woman in this world should be. Hart is a marshal who hunts drudges, undead people with no soul. The two regularly interact when Hart drops off bodies and they have always had a contentious relationship. When Hart writes a letter he never means toContinue reading “REVIEW: The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy”