REVIEW: Ashton Hall

“That’s the point of books, isn’t it? To be passed from hand to hand, until they fell apart. Part of the great river of life.” ——————————- When Hannah and her neurodivergent son, Nicky, move from the US to England to care for a family member’s home for the summer they stumble upon a skeleton inContinue reading “REVIEW: Ashton Hall”

REVIEW: Fevered Star

Last year’s Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse was a book that took my breath away. It was a new take on high fantasy that echoed with me for a long time. The Pre-Columbian America setting and coupled with magic gave us a unique setting and promoted a culture that we don’t spend enough time with. TheContinue reading “REVIEW: Fevered Star”

Pub Day Audiobook REVIEW: Our Crooked Hearts

“A book worth hiding is a book worth tugging from a dead woman’s cooling fingers…” ——————– What would you do to protect your secrets? To keep your children from repeating your mistakes?  When strange things start happening to Ivy, she learns just how far her mother has gone to protect her from finding out herContinue reading “Pub Day Audiobook REVIEW: Our Crooked Hearts”

REVIEW: The Lost Dreamer

The Lost Dreamer takes place in a world where a select few have the ability to dream the future. As you can imagine, this gift is exploited by those in power. When there is a regime change, Indir and her family are targeted and must figure out a way to save themselves and preserve theirContinue reading “REVIEW: The Lost Dreamer”

REVIEW: How We Ricochet

How We Ricochet is a timely YA piece about a family dealing with the aftermath of being present at a mass shooting at a mall. This mother and two daughters are going about their lives and suddenly they are forced to face their own mortality. This leaves them each spinning in wildly different directions. Mom becomesContinue reading “REVIEW: How We Ricochet”

REVIEW: The Gravity of Missing Things

You’d think as someone who travels for a living, that I wouldn’t read plane crash stories. But the truth is, I can’t resist them. They are always compelling and the mystery of what went wrong is always so interesting to me. In this story, a plane goes missing mysteriously mid-flight and we follow the pilot’sContinue reading “REVIEW: The Gravity of Missing Things”

REVIEW: Woman of Light

Woman of Light tells us the story of several generations of a family living in the American West in the early 1900’s. They have indigenous and Mexican roots and therefore are considered less than. At every turn, in every generation we see the limitations of their lives and what they are able to do andContinue reading “REVIEW: Woman of Light”

Audiobook REVIEW: The Taxidermist’s Lover

This book oozes gothic atmosphere – set in the southwest moors of England, Scarlett is a woman who belongs in a century long past. She is a dramatic woman dripping with femininity and sensuality lost in her obsession with the macabre taxidermy creatures designed by her husband. Written in an epistolary style, Scarlett is writing to herContinue reading “Audiobook REVIEW: The Taxidermist’s Lover”

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty

I was absolutely floored by Emezi’s The Death of Vivek Oji, I don’t think I’d ever read a book that left me so shattered. So I was quite looking forward to their new book. Feyi is an artist who lost her husband to an accident and is in a state of stasis. She has avoided relationshipsContinue reading “You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty”

ARC REVIEW: The Island

Dear lord, what did I just read?! There is barely a second of this book that is not pulse pounding action. Probably more horror than your typical thriller, I really loved the survival aspects of this one. It is rife with violence and gory scenes, there are probably 20 trigger warnings so definitely beware ifContinue reading “ARC REVIEW: The Island”