REVIEW: Bronze Drum

“The gardener nurtures every seed, though some grow thorns and some grow poison.” ———————————– A bronze drum is an instrument of war in ancient Vietnam, its beat would message to soldiers which formation and direction in which to proceed. This story tells us of the Trung sisters of Chu Dien, an ancient kingdom within Vietnam. WeContinue reading “REVIEW: Bronze Drum”

REVIEW: Close Your Eyes

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for fairy tale retellings. The King of Gora is not a man to be reasoned with, when he finds a talented person, he forces them into service. Here we get the story of several of those servants in their quest to find happiness in their current place and their questContinue reading “REVIEW: Close Your Eyes”

REVIEW: My Summer Darlings

I really enjoyed last year’s The Hunting Wives even though it was a little fantastical and insane, it was a fun ride. My Summer Darlings just didn’t do it for me. First, about half the book is just porn. Not what folks are calling steamy these days, but outright porn. It was too over theContinue reading “REVIEW: My Summer Darlings”

REVIEW: The Lady or the Lion

In this retelling of “The Lady or the Tiger” set within the tribes of Pakistan, Durkhanai is the granddaughter of the a powerful Badshah. She is heavily involved in much of the local politics and outreach within the tribe. This often gets her into situations that put her at odds with her grandparents. And while theyContinue reading “REVIEW: The Lady or the Lion”

REVIEW: The Hungry Road

The Hungry Road gives us a glimpse of life during the Irish famine from two main perspectives. The Sullivan family are tenant farmers with several children when the potato crop fails. Husband and wife struggle through taking jobs and joining the public works, taking advantage of the soup kitchen and doing everything they can toContinue reading “REVIEW: The Hungry Road”

RIP Queen Elizabeth

Definitely have mixed feelings about the late monarch but she has had a role in many historic moments. She definitely has had an immense life, one that she certainly would not have had but for her uncle’s abdication. Is that chance? Is it fate? I find the whole history of the British monarchy to beContinue reading “RIP Queen Elizabeth”

REVIEW: The Book of Gothel

Haelewise is the daughter of a midwife living in The Black Forest. Her mother tells her all sorts of fantastical stories about the world as she is growing up. As a girl she has unusual fainting spells that her father insists is a demon that needs to be exorcised. When her mother falls ill andContinue reading “REVIEW: The Book of Gothel”

REVIEW: The Silence Before Dawn

In this story we get a slice of the French resistance during World War II. Marianne is deeply entrenched in spying and subversive acts to try to end the war. We see how women are able to infiltrate and miss lead German officials as well as gather information for counterattacks. These women are sometimes coquettish,Continue reading “REVIEW: The Silence Before Dawn”

Pub Day REVIEW: ‘Til All These Things Be Done

Leola is a hard working woman with dreams in the 1910’s living in East Texas. Her family are surviving until her father loses his arm in a work accident. His ability to provide for and support his family disappears and his mental health suffers. He gets an opportunity to work in Houston and he leavesContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: ‘Til All These Things Be Done”

REVIEW: Witches

Witches provides us two POVs of women who’s lives intersect at the investigation of a murder. Paloma was a healer who didn’t quite live up to the expectations of their father, born a boy but living as a woman, there is much turmoil in Paloma’s life. Their sister Feliciana is telling us what it isContinue reading “REVIEW: Witches”