REVIEW: Beneath The Veil Of Smoke & Ash

I don’t think I’ve ever been more appreciative to a book tour exposing me to a novel before. I love historical fiction but I’ll admit I gravitate towards a handful of time/locations when choosing: WWII, English monarchy, colonial America. Beneath The Veil Of Smoke & Ash was a bullet out of nowhere for me, set inContinue reading “REVIEW: Beneath The Veil Of Smoke & Ash”

REVIEW: Long Lost Jules

I feel like I went on a roller coaster while reading this book but not in the way I expected. I love anything with a Tudor connection so the long lost relative angle was really interesting to me. Leo is a professor who thinks that Amy is a descendent of Katherine Parr and heir toContinue reading “REVIEW: Long Lost Jules”

REVIEW: Of Women and Salt

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I planned this post for today as Mexico plays a role for two of the characters but now that I’ve read it, none of the women are actually Mexican so bear with the fact that it doesn’t really make sense for today (best laid plans right?). Either way – Viva Mexico!Continue reading “REVIEW: Of Women and Salt”

📦 Bookmail Stack 📦

Boy, was this a long week. But I got a fabulous stack of #bookmail to bring me joy every time I went to the mailbox each day. The bottom four I purchased. Sistersong and The Deception of Harriet Fleet came from Goldsboro Books. Oculta is the Fairyloot special edition sequel to Nocturna. I got PeopleContinue reading “📦 Bookmail Stack 📦”