REVIEW: White Horse

Kari James mother disappeared when she was two days old. In the years since her father was in an accident that impacted his brain. Now she’s in her 30s and a strange bracelet has shown up that is giving her visions of the mother she never knew. So she begins to peel back the layersContinue reading “REVIEW: White Horse”

REVIEW: Lost Souls of Leningrad

There is a lot of WWII fiction out there, it was an immense moment in history and every story deserves to be heard. The author starts with a note telling us why she was motivated to tell this story, the fact that the Eastern European front does not get as much attention as stories ofContinue reading “REVIEW: Lost Souls of Leningrad”

Pub Day REVIEW: ‘Til All These Things Be Done

Leola is a hard working woman with dreams in the 1910’s living in East Texas. Her family are surviving until her father loses his arm in a work accident. His ability to provide for and support his family disappears and his mental health suffers. He gets an opportunity to work in Houston and he leavesContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: ‘Til All These Things Be Done”

REVIEW: Long Shadows

When Phoebe and Harry inherit his family’s farm they get a little more than they bargained for in the form of a ghost who believes the home is still his. Tom Smiley clearly has some unfinished business, we follow him on his journey to figure out what in his life may be holding him toContinue reading “REVIEW: Long Shadows”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden lovingly tells us the beautiful story of English gardener and poetess Elizabeth Blackspear. This woman is the subject of modern day Lucy’s dissertation. Lucy is intrigued by her for several reasons. Her grandmother was a friend of Elizabeth and they wrote letters back and forth using the language of flowers as a wayContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Walled Garden”

REVIEW: When We Were Them

When We Were Them is the story of three girls who are best friends and their friendship is on the rocks. We get two time points, the current year of graduation where Willa is trying to confront her actions that led to the end of the friendship, and the second is the years leading upContinue reading “REVIEW: When We Were Them”

REVIEW: Litani

“- but you know down deep that if you can’t belong with your mom, then you don’t belong anywhere.” —————————— Litani is the story of a small town lost in the depths of scandal and suspicion. Frankie is forced to move there with her estranged mother after her father dies. Her mother is a prosecutorContinue reading “REVIEW: Litani”

REVIEW: On Location

“The way you guys communicate – two adults in their thirties – is f***ing adolescent.” ———————– If that quote appeals to you, you will enjoy this book. If you get frustrated by main characters who spend all their time pretending that they aren’t head over heels for one another and yet keep ending up inContinue reading “REVIEW: On Location”

REVIEW: The Happy Accidents

The Happy Accidents was like watching a season of This is Us. We follow two sisters and their friend as they all confront the stagnation in their lives. One crazy night, they each make a decision which forces them to reassess their lives: careers, relationships, childhood traumas. The story examines gender roles, self acceptance andContinue reading “REVIEW: The Happy Accidents”

REVIEW: Paper Airplanes

What a gut punch of a novel! Paper Airplanes is a story of September 11th written by a woman whose husband worked in the towers and by a twist of fate survived. In this story, we see the impact of a death in this tragedy on a young woman. Her husband is killed (quite graphicallyContinue reading “REVIEW: Paper Airplanes”