REVIEW: Hidden in the Mists

I really enjoy time slip stories, the mix of historical fiction with fantasy, when done right can just be enchanting. I really enjoyed Courtenay’s Tempted by the Runes where we see a character slip back to Viking times a la Outlander style. This story gives us a different kind of historical romance, one of a loveContinue reading “REVIEW: Hidden in the Mists”

REVIEW: Tempted by the Runes

Time travel AND Vikings?!  I was so in for this one when I read the summary. The allusions to Outlander were spot on. Maddie is the youngest daughter of a family who are obsessed with the Viking era. They do reenactments and attend courses in the Viking ways. So when Maddie finds an artifact thatContinue reading “REVIEW: Tempted by the Runes”