Pub Week REVIEW: Rogue Justice

Avery Keene is amidst an impeachment scandal that took down the President. He is trying to claw his way back into power by discrediting her. Then a judge turns up dead and she witnesses another be murdered. So from page one there is non-stop action as she tries to figure out one conspiracy while extracting herselfContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: Rogue Justice”

REVIEW: The Adult

“As Nora slept, I imagined a cold creek rolling through the grooves of her mind. A dream where their inner thoughts were rinsing themselves, basking in the streaming water. I thought it would be wonderful to go to sleep, full of complication, full of knots, and for those dense points to have drifted free byContinue reading “REVIEW: The Adult”

REVIEW: Famous for a Living

Cat is an influencer, living in NYC, phone in hand documenting everything. But when she makes a bad deal, she is forced into hiding. She retreats to her uncle’s national park to lick her wounds and let the criticisms settle. But she is anything but outdoorsy and it is the middle of winter. When sheContinue reading “REVIEW: Famous for a Living”

REVIEW: The Witch of Tin Mountain

“Why is it that most of a woman’s troubles in life have to do with a man?” Tin Mountain is a small town in Arkansas haunted by all the things a small town usually is… and then some. We get two time points in this one 1831 and 1931 and in both we have strongContinue reading “REVIEW: The Witch of Tin Mountain”

REVIEW: Poster Girl

Veronica Roth does dystopian like no other, we get these complex, character driven stories with well detailed worlds that are slowly revealed to us as the characters deal with their day to day struggles.  Sonya is a political prisoner. As a young girl, she was a supporter of and poster girl for the now fallenContinue reading “REVIEW: Poster Girl”


Last year’s 56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard was one of my favorite mystery/thrillers of the year so I was super excited to try another story from her. Run Time gives us a familiar thriller story trope, the horror movie set. Adele is an Irish actress who grew up acting on an Irish soap opera andContinue reading “ARC REVIEW: Run Time”

REVIEW: The Hookup Plan

This was my first Farrah Rochon book, I know, crazy right? I was really drawn into this romcom because the characters were educated and well put together. There was no disorganized woman hoping for love, a trope that I hate, London is successful and cocky and kind. She was the kind of woman you want toContinue reading “REVIEW: The Hookup Plan”

REVIEW: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting

I’ll admit it Bridgerton has gotten me back into Regency era historical romance. I’ve really enjoyed recent stories from Evie Dunmore and Martha Waters who put a new spin on an Austen-esque opinionated women who aren’t living their life for just marriage. Our heroine in A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting, Kitty, is not that.Continue reading “REVIEW: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting”

REVIEW: Happy-Go-Lucky

“The bullet I fired was so off the mark, my only hope was that my enemy would laugh themselves to death.” —————————- David Sedaris is an auto-buy author for me. He brings a unique, hilarious view to even the most mundane aspects of life. This book was full of so many laugh out loud momentsContinue reading “REVIEW: Happy-Go-Lucky”

REVIEW: Together We Burn

Zarela and her family are performers, they stoke the flames of their culture with flamenco dancing and dragon fighting (think bull fighting). When her father is injured and can no longer fight as a Dragonador, Zarela decides to take over his mantle herself to save their family arena. Enter the handsome dragon hunter who isContinue reading “REVIEW: Together We Burn”