Pub Day REVIEW: Immortality

I enjoyed last year’s Anatomy where we followed Hazel as she pretended to be a man to learn to be a surgeon in early 1800’s Edinburgh. She is practicing medicine now, as well as she can as a woman who has not qualified, often helping those who can not afford a “real” doctor. When sheContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Immortality”

❤️ Anatomy: A Love Story ❤️

Hazel is a privileged daughter in high society in 1817 Edinburgh, but she is completely overlooked in her family. Her father is away in the Navy and her mother is mourning the death of her older brother and focused on curating her younger brother as a new heir. This leaves Hazel to immerse herself in academicContinue reading “❤️ Anatomy: A Love Story ❤️”