REVIEW: Dark Tides

Holy time jumps, Batman. Dark Tides picks up with Alinor, Alys and Rob twenty years after we last left them. They have had many changes to their circumstances. Alinor has never recovered from her dunking and Alys is now our strong female lead running both of their businesses. Her two children are adults and tryingContinue reading “REVIEW: Dark Tides”

Throwback Review: Tidelands Philippa Gregory

How do I love Philippa Gregory? Let me count the ways. Like every millennial-esque person I started binging her books after seeing The Other Boleyn Girl movie… and as they always say the book IS better than the movie. I’ve read everything in her backlog, even the Wideacre series (which I enjoyed BTW). I pickedContinue reading “Throwback Review: Tidelands Philippa Gregory”