REVIEW: The Spite House

A spite house is a house that is built literally to piss off the neighbors. This particular spite house has been reported to be haunted and the owner is looking for someone to stay there to document what is happening. Eric and his daughters are looking for a quick way to make money as theyContinue reading “REVIEW: The Spite House”

REVIEW: Before I Let Go

Yasmen and Josiah have a marriage all of their friends envy but after a year of loss their marriage has ended and they’ve moved on to being business partners and co-parents. They are navigating their new reality trying to balance their children’s reactions and their own feelings. I thought this was a very real andContinue reading “REVIEW: Before I Let Go”

Pub Day REVIEW: House of Eve

In this novel, Johnson gives us the story of two Black girls in the 1950’s who come from different circumstances facing the realities of growing up. Ruby is a high school girl in a scholarship program, looking to be an ophthalmologist, a huge feat considering her family background. When she meets and falls for aContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: House of Eve”

REVIEW: The Bennet Women

The Bennet Women is billed as a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. EJ, Jaime and Tessa are college girls living in a women’s dorm at a prestigious college. EJ is an ambitious Black engineer who is more focused on her future than love. Tessa is a newly transitioned woman who is navigating the dayContinue reading “REVIEW: The Bennet Women”