Book Promo: Tenebrium

Welcome to my stop in the Promo Tour for TENEBRIUM by @elanormiller hosted by @mtmctours! Tenebrium is a dystopian noir thriller (with a dash of romance) set in a future where the prohibition/Gatsby era has come around again. The year is 2425, and the jazz age is in full swing—again. Guys, dolls, gangsters and molls,Continue reading “Book Promo: Tenebrium”

Pub Week REVIEW: The Drift

“No one ever thinks they’re the bad guy. We all kid ourselves that we’re the hero of the story. And we’re usually wrong.” ——————– Is it too early to be reading virus-related dystopian fiction?  I say no, especially if it’s this good! I absolutely loved this story! I’m not going to summarize because I thinkContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: The Drift”

REVIEW: Our Missing Hearts

Bird is a young boy living in dystopian society where the government is overreaching to maintain “American ideals,” meaning anyone they deem as against the grain can disappear or have their children removed from them. Bird is living with his timid father missing his mother who left under the threat of prosecution. As people ofContinue reading “REVIEW: Our Missing Hearts”

REVIEW: Lark Ascending

This is the story of Lark, a young gay man surviving with his family in very dark future times. Climate change has ravaged the earth and as is par for the course with these things the worst of the worst are running things. When he and his family attempt to escape America on a boatContinue reading “REVIEW: Lark Ascending”

REVIEW: Sanctuary

Vali and her family are Columbians who live in a future America where undocumented immigrants are under assault. The government has given everyone microchipped and is tracked but Vali and her mother have fake chips and are surviving until a major crackdown occurs. California secedes from the US and forms a sanctuary… if you can makeContinue reading “REVIEW: Sanctuary”

REVIEW: Poster Girl

Veronica Roth does dystopian like no other, we get these complex, character driven stories with well detailed worlds that are slowly revealed to us as the characters deal with their day to day struggles.  Sonya is a political prisoner. As a young girl, she was a supporter of and poster girl for the now fallenContinue reading “REVIEW: Poster Girl”

REVIEW: The Book of Sand

Wow, this book is dystopian, fantasy fiction at its best. I was completely absorbed in these complex, unique characters from page one. We begin in a desolate land where a group of unrelated strangers have been forced to form a family to survive. We know that they have been tasked with keeping each other alive andContinue reading “REVIEW: The Book of Sand”

REVIEW: You Feel it Just Below the Ribs

“Comfort is dangerous. It is the illusion that nothing will ever change even when things are changing constantly right in front of you.”————————- I’m not sure this book will be for everyone but I thought it was very clever. It’s right on the level  with your more unusual dystopian books: Tender is the Flesh, VoxContinue reading “REVIEW: You Feel it Just Below the Ribs”

REVIEW: At the End of Everything

This story imagines a return of the plague and we see its impact on a rehabilitation center for juvenile delinquents. One day when the guards don’t show up, the residents begin to wonder what is going on in the world and are forced to investigate and find a way to survive. We get quite theContinue reading “REVIEW: At the End of Everything”

REVIEW: Orange City

“Deep down everyone in this purgatory knew they’ve been conned, but they were all too scared to make a peep.” ————————- Hoo boy, Orange City will twist your melon! I would say this book is 1984 if Tyler Durden had learned advertising from Black Buck. Our main characters are all people who are living inContinue reading “REVIEW: Orange City”