REVIEW: At the Edge of the Haight

At the Edge of the Haight follows a homeless woman after she discovers a dead body in the park. We see her threatened by the perpetrator, bullied by the cops and her homeless cohorts about the issue. We get a glimpse of life on the streets, how each of the characters came to live theContinue reading “REVIEW: At the Edge of the Haight”

REVIEW: On Location

“The way you guys communicate – two adults in their thirties – is f***ing adolescent.” ———————– If that quote appeals to you, you will enjoy this book. If you get frustrated by main characters who spend all their time pretending that they aren’t head over heels for one another and yet keep ending up inContinue reading “REVIEW: On Location”

REVIEW: The Happy Accidents

The Happy Accidents was like watching a season of This is Us. We follow two sisters and their friend as they all confront the stagnation in their lives. One crazy night, they each make a decision which forces them to reassess their lives: careers, relationships, childhood traumas. The story examines gender roles, self acceptance andContinue reading “REVIEW: The Happy Accidents”

REVIEW: The Fortunate Ones

“You are coming of age in a world that wants you to believe it’s ok to be mediocre,” Arch said, “There are no really great men left, the world tells you, so why bother trying to become one?” ——————————– I really enjoyed this book, I can’t exactly pinpoint a reason though. I really enjoyed theContinue reading “REVIEW: The Fortunate Ones”

REVIEW: The Judge’s List

Grisham is back in his sweet spot with The Judge’s List, this novel is a cat and mouse game as the judicial commission tries to investigate a judge who may be a serial killer. We’ve met Lacy before in The Whistler and she’s now been dragged into another criminal case. She is contacted by a womanContinue reading “REVIEW: The Judge’s List”

REVIEW: Paper Airplanes

What a gut punch of a novel! Paper Airplanes is a story of September 11th written by a woman whose husband worked in the towers and by a twist of fate survived. In this story, we see the impact of a death in this tragedy on a young woman. Her husband is killed (quite graphicallyContinue reading “REVIEW: Paper Airplanes”

REVIEW: Welcome to Kamini

Are you one of those people that are caught up in the go go go of life? Taking on more work than you can handle and taking the beautiful silent moments of the world for granted? That’s Russell when we meet him; he has accomplished a lot in his career, he is financially well offContinue reading “REVIEW: Welcome to Kamini”

REVIEW: 56 Days

Wow, this one really came out of nowhere for me. I saw some buzz about it when it was a BOTM selection so I decided to request it on @netgalley and luckily I was granted access. I really enjoyed this story. It’s timely (it takes place as the pandemic is hitting), it’s atmospheric (Dublin *sigh*), it’sContinue reading “REVIEW: 56 Days”

Currently Reading – Impersonation

Impersonation is the story of a woman who is a freelance ghostwriter, she is stuck having to balance her own mediocre “must make ends meet” world with the worlds of her fabulous subjects. She’s a woman who had her own dreams and is having to balance the reality of how life turned out.  So asContinue reading “Currently Reading – Impersonation”

☀️ June Wrap Up ☀️

I feel like June was kind of a slow month for me, even though I was on vacation I spent more time in the pool than actually reading. But I managed to finish 20 books and FINALLY got my Netgalley percentage to 40%, it’s a steep mountain to climb y’all!  Pulse ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Kingdoms ⭐️⭐️Continue reading “☀️ June Wrap Up ☀️”