REVIEW: One Dark Window

The kingdom of Blunder is under a magical curse. An ancient mist permeates the woods and threatens to overcome the entire town and a fever leaves the survivors with dangerous magic. The only way to save the town and cure the fever is to collect 12 cards of different suits, each with a double sided power. Each useContinue reading “REVIEW: One Dark Window”

REVIEW: What Moves the Dead

I am a fervent Poe fan, so while I was intrigued by a retelling of The Fall of the House of Usher, my hopes were metered. But boy was I impressed by this one. Kingfisher takes the baton from Mexican Gothic and Wanderers and reimagines just what was haunting the Usher family leading to their descentContinue reading “REVIEW: What Moves the Dead”

REVIEW: The House of Footsteps

“It is not so remarkable. Go anywhere in the world and you will find the same sorts of stories. There is a single scarlet thread of brutality that runs through the history of every culture, every nation – through all of human experience.” ————————— Simon is an art appraiser just beginning his career in 1920s Edinburgh. HeContinue reading “REVIEW: The House of Footsteps”