REVIEW: Sanctuary

Vali and her family are Columbians who live in a future America where undocumented immigrants are under assault. The government has given everyone microchipped and is tracked but Vali and her mother have fake chips and are surviving until a major crackdown occurs. California secedes from the US and forms a sanctuary… if you can makeContinue reading “REVIEW: Sanctuary”

REVIEW: Our Shadows Have Claws

Did you like reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as a kid? Well now imagine that with a Latin flair… Our Shadows have Claws has a little bit of everything for the light horror fan. Nothing is overly gruesome but instead creepy fun. This collection of stories takes us through some mainstream monsterContinue reading “REVIEW: Our Shadows Have Claws”

REVIEW: The Devil’s Highway

OK, I know this one is more than a decade old now. But when I read and loved American Dirt, this was the book that was recommended to give a more accurate representation of what it’s like to cross the border. I enjoyed the narrative and the detail about this people who tried to crossContinue reading “REVIEW: The Devil’s Highway”