REVIEW: On the Savage Side

Oh dear lord, is this book heartbreaking. I should have known after reading Betty. But I didn’t imagine that every single page could be so devastating. I borrowed this audiobook from the library and had to renew my loan three times. I knew I wanted to hear the whole story, but it was entirely tooContinue reading “REVIEW: On the Savage Side”

REVIEW: The Garden of Lost Secrets

WWII had an impact on so many people’s lives. Stasia is a young girl from Rotterdam who visits her grandparents’ farm in France for the summer. While there she meets a young man and they form a friendship that leads to young love. When the war breaks out we follow them both, Nicolas goes offContinue reading “REVIEW: The Garden of Lost Secrets”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Chateau

Darcy and her three best friends are on holiday in France staying at her grandmother’s chateau. Her grandmother is quite old and has asked them to gather one last time. She has a message for each of them. But before she can deliver it, she is brutally murdered in her bed. The girls are leftContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Chateau”

REVIEW: The Great Reclamation

We meet Ah Boon when he is just a boy in a small village. His father and uncle are fisherman and he expects his life will be the same. He is a boon to his family and the village when he can find a set of mysterious islands that are bountiful with fish. As heContinue reading “REVIEW: The Great Reclamation”

REVIEW: Aloha Vietnam

Nguyen gives us a snapshot of life for a family who are coping with adapting to a new culture in a new country, doing everything they can to assimilate without losing their culture. But when their daughter is struck by a sudden medical crisis, they all must figure out how to understand what is happeningContinue reading “REVIEW: Aloha Vietnam”

REVIEW: Magician and Fool

When we meet Pamela and Aleister they are young children. Pamela is fascinated with the theater but must relocate from London to Jamaica. Aleister is a bit of an outcast obsessed with magic. As the years pass we see them experiencing little snippets of magic as they age. Pamela is drawn into the theater and AleisterContinue reading “REVIEW: Magician and Fool”

Pub Week REVIEW: Hotel Cuba

Pearl and Frieda are two young girls fleeing now Russian-occupied Poland. Their family sends them away to America to give them a chance at a better life. Unfortunately, they are rejected from Ellis Island but learn that if they spend a year in Cuba they will have a better shot at getting to America toContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: Hotel Cuba”

REVIEW: Daughters of Izdihar

If feminism is your thing, you will enjoy this. It was perhaps too heavy handed for me and, to me, highlighted one of the main issues with equality. It’s that generally our decision making is not. The women in this novel acted entirely emotionally, with the exception of Malak, who I thought showed moments ofContinue reading “REVIEW: Daughters of Izdihar”

Book Feature: A Book in Time

Today I’m excited to be featuring, A Book in Time which is the story of the life of a book as it passes through many hands (some of them quite famous in the literary world) over time.  Here’s an excerpt: I was conceived in a hot bath in Deal and born, twelve months later, onContinue reading “Book Feature: A Book in Time”

Pub Day REVIEW: Daughter of the Shadows

“When you can’t have what you truly want, your heart finds a way to beat. It shrinks and expands in strange ways until it resembles something like comfort.” ———————– Last year I really loved Kerry’s Daughter of the King so I was really excited to receive an ARC of the next chapter in Isabelle’s story.Continue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Daughter of the Shadows”