REVIEW: Bombshell

“In the last two weeks, I have drugged an earl, broken the nose of a thug thrice, and robbed a viscount…” —————————- Ok, y’all know that I’m not a heavy romance reader; when I got chosen for Booksparks Fall Reading Challenge there were a few in the track I was assigned to. And if youContinue reading “REVIEW: Bombshell”

REVIEW: Windswept

There’s so much great WWI fiction out there, it’s hard to find a book about a topic I haven’t read before. But Windswept brought me to a new front of the war, in Palestine where the British are fighting the Turks. I learned so much about the impact of the war and British colonialism inContinue reading “REVIEW: Windswept”

REVIEW: The Spirit Engineer

“Oh, Darwin, Darwin, Darwin,’ said Stoupe. ‘The very enemy of magic himself. Very well then, perhaps not butterflies but even Mr Darwin would struggle to explain where we go when we die. He might be up there now, in fact, sitting on a wooly mammoth and thinking himself a perfect clown.” —————————- This book intriguedContinue reading “REVIEW: The Spirit Engineer”

REVIEW: The Lighthouse Witches

I think I would have enjoyed this novel more if I hadn’t just read House of Hollow. Lots of similar vibes with three missing sisters that later appear mostly unharmed. This story focuses on a tiny Scottish island town steeped in a history of witchery. Liv moves into town to paint a mural in aContinue reading “REVIEW: The Lighthouse Witches”

REVIEW: The Children of Jocasta

Natalie Haynes is my favorite go-to mythology/historical fiction author.  A Thousand Ships is a story that I recommend to anyone asking, what do I read after devouring Madeline Miller? Well, I’ve got another recommendation that I’m happily adding to my mythology shelf, The Children of Jocasta provides us a story of Thebes in two timelines. WeContinue reading “REVIEW: The Children of Jocasta”

REVIEW: Beneath The Veil Of Smoke & Ash

I don’t think I’ve ever been more appreciative to a book tour exposing me to a novel before. I love historical fiction but I’ll admit I gravitate towards a handful of time/locations when choosing: WWII, English monarchy, colonial America. Beneath The Veil Of Smoke & Ash was a bullet out of nowhere for me, set inContinue reading “REVIEW: Beneath The Veil Of Smoke & Ash”

REVIEW: The Archer

The Archer is a story of finding yourself and being authentic to who you are and what you want even when society and everyone around you are pressing for something different. Set in Bombay in the 1960s and 70s, Vidya is a child full of fantasy caught up in the dream of becoming a dancer.Continue reading “REVIEW: The Archer”

REVIEW: The Secret Keeper of Jaipur

Narrator Performance: 🌟🌟🌟🌟Overall Book Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐⭐ A️lka Joshi does it again! Within the first few moments we are whisked away to India immersed in the lives of Lakshmi and Malik. This time our focus shifts slightly and we learn more about nomadic life in the Himalayas with new character Nimmi as well as about Lakshmi’sContinue reading “REVIEW: The Secret Keeper of Jaipur”

REVIEW: The Women of Troy

“No, well, I think choice is a thing of the past.” ————————— “In a court of law, if a man and a woman disagree it’s almost invariably his version of events that’s accepted.” ————————— The Women of Troy picks up after The Silence of the Girls and Troy has now fallen. We see where BriseisContinue reading “REVIEW: The Women of Troy”

REVIEW: Long Lost Jules

I feel like I went on a roller coaster while reading this book but not in the way I expected. I love anything with a Tudor connection so the long lost relative angle was really interesting to me. Leo is a professor who thinks that Amy is a descendent of Katherine Parr and heir toContinue reading “REVIEW: Long Lost Jules”