REVIEW: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting

I’ll admit it Bridgerton has gotten me back into Regency era historical romance. I’ve really enjoyed recent stories from Evie Dunmore and Martha Waters who put a new spin on an Austen-esque opinionated women who aren’t living their life for just marriage. Our heroine in A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting, Kitty, is not that.Continue reading “REVIEW: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting”

To Marry and to Meddle

I’m not a huge regency romance reader but I do enjoy when the stories have good banter and women who have depth. When I read Waters’ To Love and to Loathe last year, it was the best of the genre I’ve read so far, I wanted to see what Jeremy and Diana would be upContinue reading “To Marry and to Meddle”

REVIEW: Elektra

As always with Greek mythology – there is no happy ending in sight in Elektra’s story. It’s about a third of the way through before we really meet the titular character and start to understand the burdens of her existence. The beginning of the story sets the scene for the Trojan war, Agamemnon, Clytemnestra andContinue reading “REVIEW: Elektra”

REVIEW: Wild Women and the Blues

I love a historical fiction piece with a murder mystery at its center. Wild Women and the Blues takes you on a journey through the glitz and glamour of the black and tan clubs of Chicago in the 1920’s. Honoree is a dancer trying to make ends meet and find fame on the stage inContinue reading “REVIEW: Wild Women and the Blues”

REVIEW: The Honeybee Emeralds

Imagine you stumble upon a priceless, unique heirloom necklace in an old costume jacket in the basement of your office. What would you do? Well, when Alice finds this necklace she pulls together a team of friends within the magazine she works in to discover its origins. The magazine is struggling to remain afloat afterContinue reading “REVIEW: The Honeybee Emeralds”

REVIEW: Pandora’s Jar

Greek mythology retellings have become extremely popular in recent times, reimagining these characters as more than a foil or an unwitting participant in the consequences their actions has given many of the women of these stories new life. In Pandora’s Jar, Natalie Haynes sets us straight on the adulteration of these myths through time andContinue reading “REVIEW: Pandora’s Jar”

REVIEW: Velvet was the Night

Who knew watching a neighbor’s cat could get you into such trouble? Maite is about to turn 30 and her life is really going nowhere. She has a dead end career she doesn’t enjoy with coworkers she hates, a love life that exists of mainly reading romantic comics and a habit of swiping things fromContinue reading “REVIEW: Velvet was the Night”

🤺 REVIEW: Fencing with the King 🤺

Checking off a story from another country on my quest to read one from every country in the world. ✅ Amani is an American child of an immigrant – as an adult she returns to Jordan to spend time with her uncle. At first she is enthralled by the culture, glitz and glamor of his lifeContinue reading “🤺 REVIEW: Fencing with the King 🤺”

REVIEW: The Next Ship Home

I love historical fiction and I am always excited to read a unique slice of history that hasn’t been analyzed to death. There is such a wealth of stories that could be told about all of the thousands of people who came through Ellis Island. So when I saw The Next Ship Home, I wasContinue reading “REVIEW: The Next Ship Home”

REVIEW: Peach Blossom Spring

Meilin, Renshu and Lily are three generations of a family. Meilin is a mother who is practical and strong and does everything to protect Renshu and give him a chance for survival and success despite a childhood lived through the Japanese occupation of China. The first part of the book follows their lives as refugeesContinue reading “REVIEW: Peach Blossom Spring”