REVIEW: Beautiful Little Fools

Beautiful Little Fools takes us on a journey to discover more about the women of the classic story The Great Gatsby. We take a departure from the glitz and glamour and start off with Daisy at home in Louisville when she first meets a poor Jay Gatsby in the army. When they are torn apartContinue reading “REVIEW: Beautiful Little Fools”

REVIEW: Half-Life

As a female scientist myself, I am here for all the stories I can find about trail-blazing women in the field. Marie Curie, the first female Nobel Prize (ultimately the winner of two) is one that I greatly admire but I didn’t know much about her personal life. Cantor tells us the story of howContinue reading “REVIEW: Half-Life”

Pub Day Review: The Lost Village

Are you looking for a creepy slow burn mystery that will raise the hair on the back of your neck? Then The Lost Village is for you. It follows a small group of Scandinavian filmmakers who are investigating the mystery of an old mining town that was found deserted in the late 50’s. The group isContinue reading “Pub Day Review: The Lost Village”