REVIEW: The Fifth Daughter Of Thorn Ranch

Emma is a fifth generation female owner of The Thorn, A massive ranch in Texas. The women and her family have only ever had one daughter and the daughter is in charge of it all. The ranch is such a massive property that not all of it has been explored. When Emma goes out onContinue reading “REVIEW: The Fifth Daughter Of Thorn Ranch”

REVIEW: In The Shadow Of The Apennines

Samantha is recently divorced and quite bitter about it. Her husband convinced her to live the life he wanted for her and then left her for a younger woman. She reacts by moving to a small town in Abruzzo hoping for an Under the Tuscan Sun renaissance in her life. It doesn’t exactly go asContinue reading “REVIEW: In The Shadow Of The Apennines”

REVIEW: Clara in a Time of War

This story takes place during the American Revolution just outside of Philadelphia. Clara was raised a city girl but when her husband decides to move them out of the city to the family farm she has no option but to adjust. The war starts and her husband enlists leaving her to manage the farm withContinue reading “REVIEW: Clara in a Time of War”