REVIEW: The Last Nomad

“Stories have always created understanding and connection between humans. In this great era of misunderstanding, I wish to help rein us back to our shared humanity.” ———————– The story of Shugri’s life opened a new door for me, one that helped me to understand the life of women in Somalia. Born to a nomadic tribe,Continue reading “REVIEW: The Last Nomad”

REVIEW: Wild Game

“‘I know my mother loved me,’ Malabar said, carefully choosing each word, ‘but not so much as she loved herself.’” “I knew Malabar loved me as much as she could love anyone.” ———————————————- Wow, holy mother issues Batman. Boy, did I relate to Rennie’s story. The extent of my mother’s toxic behavior wasn’t quite asContinue reading “REVIEW: Wild Game”

🏒 HOCKEY IS BACK!! 🏒 and Review: Willie

I am a huge Bruins fan and there are many names that resonate with fans in Boston: Orr, Borque, Neely, Chara. But the one that should resonate with everyone across the league is O’Ree. Willie is the Jackie Robinson of the NHL, the first black player to take to the ice in a professional game.Continue reading “🏒 HOCKEY IS BACK!! 🏒 and Review: Willie”

Review: Walking with Ghosts & Happy Almost Pub Day!

I adore Gabriel Byrne’s acting work, with one of my favorites being In Treatment, this recounting of his life helped me see why he was so great in that role. He is a man who has lived through a lot and has dealt with some of the heavier parts of life. He holds nothing back.Continue reading “Review: Walking with Ghosts & Happy Almost Pub Day!”