Have you heard of the genie romance by Bookstagram author Brindi Quinn that has been taking booksta by storm? It’s about a girl who finds a vintage bottle in a charity shop and inside is a hot genie with an attitude and an interesting backstory. I read the first one and really enjoyed it. I’mContinue reading “COVER REVEAL”

Book Promo: Tenebrium

Welcome to my stop in the Promo Tour for TENEBRIUM by @elanormiller hosted by @mtmctours! Tenebrium is a dystopian noir thriller (with a dash of romance) set in a future where the prohibition/Gatsby era has come around again. The year is 2425, and the jazz age is in full swing—again. Guys, dolls, gangsters and molls,Continue reading “Book Promo: Tenebrium”

REVIEW: The Twins of Darkwood

You know I love a good fairy tale retelling, especially if it has dark Grimms vibes. This story reimagines Hansel and Gretel if they had actually been the evil ones. The story is told from the viewpoint of their new stepmother, a woman married off to the woodsman with no background on him and hisContinue reading “REVIEW: The Twins of Darkwood”