REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold

In a Garden Burning Gold is a political fantasy in a very mythological world. The ruling family has some unusual powers that they must implement in wholly unique ways. There are four children (100+ year old children LOL) but we mainly follow Alexandros (Lexos) and Rhea who are first born twins within the family. LexosContinue reading “REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold”

REVIEW: The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

“Don’t chase fate… Let fate chase you.” —————— I’m really loving all of these Far East folklore retellings. Mina is a brave, selfless young girl who sacrifices herself to the Sea God. Each year the town must sacrifice one beautiful young girl as a bride to attempt to appease the vengeful god. This year the town hasContinue reading “REVIEW: The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea”

REVIEW: I, Antigone

You’d think after reading Hayne’s Children of Jocasta last year, that I’d have heard all that one needs to understand this complicated family of Greek mythology. But you’d be wrong. This story tells us of Jocasta’s plight, her son and later husband Oedipus and how their union comes to be. But in this case weContinue reading “REVIEW: I, Antigone”

REVIEW: Elektra

As always with Greek mythology – there is no happy ending in sight in Elektra’s story. It’s about a third of the way through before we really meet the titular character and start to understand the burdens of her existence. The beginning of the story sets the scene for the Trojan war, Agamemnon, Clytemnestra andContinue reading “REVIEW: Elektra”

REVIEW: Pandora’s Jar

Greek mythology retellings have become extremely popular in recent times, reimagining these characters as more than a foil or an unwitting participant in the consequences their actions has given many of the women of these stories new life. In Pandora’s Jar, Natalie Haynes sets us straight on the adulteration of these myths through time andContinue reading “REVIEW: Pandora’s Jar”

REVIEW: All the Horses of Iceland

“It occurred to him that access to power often resided with unexpected, even unwelcome people.” ——————————– All the Horses of Iceland is exactly the type of myth retellings that I like. Eyvind is a man scarred by a childhood illness, he has lost his hearing in one ear and is unable to father a child. HeContinue reading “REVIEW: All the Horses of Iceland”

REVIEW: Medusa

“There’s something stubborn in me. I’m a half-finished map and I’m always trying to plot my points, and I won’t have anyone do it for me.” —————————– I am obsessed with all of these Greek myth retellings that are flooding the market right now. We are getting fair representations of ancient women who endured horribleContinue reading “REVIEW: Medusa”

REVIEW: The Children of Jocasta

Natalie Haynes is my favorite go-to mythology/historical fiction author.  A Thousand Ships is a story that I recommend to anyone asking, what do I read after devouring Madeline Miller? Well, I’ve got another recommendation that I’m happily adding to my mythology shelf, The Children of Jocasta provides us a story of Thebes in two timelines. WeContinue reading “REVIEW: The Children of Jocasta”

REVIEW: The Women of Troy

“No, well, I think choice is a thing of the past.” ————————— “In a court of law, if a man and a woman disagree it’s almost invariably his version of events that’s accepted.” ————————— The Women of Troy picks up after The Silence of the Girls and Troy has now fallen. We see where BriseisContinue reading “REVIEW: The Women of Troy”

REVIEW: Sistersong

Beautiful and brutal. These are the first two words that come to mind after finishing Sistersong. In the vein of the modern mythology re-tellings, Holland pairs beautiful prose with strong women and tragic circumstances to weave a masterpiece. As with all myths and fairy tales, this is a cautionary tale that reminds us the valueContinue reading “REVIEW: Sistersong”