REVIEW: The Hookup Plan

This was my first Farrah Rochon book, I know, crazy right? I was really drawn into this romcom because the characters were educated and well put together. There was no disorganized woman hoping for love, a trope that I hate, London is successful and cocky and kind. She was the kind of woman you want toContinue reading “REVIEW: The Hookup Plan”

REVIEW: Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments

“Thing about my sister is, when she blows her gasket, hot lava fizzes out, and that sh*t scalds like nothing else. But when that lava cools, our island grows a little larger and we find we have new fertile soil in which to grow our relationship.” —————————————- Ropa our ghost-talker is back! Now she hasContinue reading “REVIEW: Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments”

REVIEW: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting

I’ll admit it Bridgerton has gotten me back into Regency era historical romance. I’ve really enjoyed recent stories from Evie Dunmore and Martha Waters who put a new spin on an Austen-esque opinionated women who aren’t living their life for just marriage. Our heroine in A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting, Kitty, is not that.Continue reading “REVIEW: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting”

REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold

In a Garden Burning Gold is a political fantasy in a very mythological world. The ruling family has some unusual powers that they must implement in wholly unique ways. There are four children (100+ year old children LOL) but we mainly follow Alexandros (Lexos) and Rhea who are first born twins within the family. LexosContinue reading “REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold”

REVIEW: Happy-Go-Lucky

“The bullet I fired was so off the mark, my only hope was that my enemy would laugh themselves to death.” —————————- David Sedaris is an auto-buy author for me. He brings a unique, hilarious view to even the most mundane aspects of life. This book was full of so many laugh out loud momentsContinue reading “REVIEW: Happy-Go-Lucky”

REVIEW: Together We Burn

Zarela and her family are performers, they stoke the flames of their culture with flamenco dancing and dragon fighting (think bull fighting). When her father is injured and can no longer fight as a Dragonador, Zarela decides to take over his mantle herself to save their family arena. Enter the handsome dragon hunter who isContinue reading “REVIEW: Together We Burn”

To Marry and to Meddle

I’m not a huge regency romance reader but I do enjoy when the stories have good banter and women who have depth. When I read Waters’ To Love and to Loathe last year, it was the best of the genre I’ve read so far, I wanted to see what Jeremy and Diana would be upContinue reading “To Marry and to Meddle”

REVIEW: The City of Dusk

The City of Dusk is set in a world that is dying. Abandoned long ago by the gods, the heirs to the great houses are hoping for a way to reconnect their realms and reestablish the power which fuels the world.  This one starts off with wayyyy too many characters and the chapters jump fromContinue reading “REVIEW: The City of Dusk”

REVIEW: Elektra

As always with Greek mythology – there is no happy ending in sight in Elektra’s story. It’s about a third of the way through before we really meet the titular character and start to understand the burdens of her existence. The beginning of the story sets the scene for the Trojan war, Agamemnon, Clytemnestra andContinue reading “REVIEW: Elektra”

REVIEW: The Honeybee Emeralds

Imagine you stumble upon a priceless, unique heirloom necklace in an old costume jacket in the basement of your office. What would you do? Well, when Alice finds this necklace she pulls together a team of friends within the magazine she works in to discover its origins. The magazine is struggling to remain afloat afterContinue reading “REVIEW: The Honeybee Emeralds”