REVIEW: Picture in the Sand

Alex is a young Muslim boy who has disappeared from his American home only to end up overseas supporting a fanatical sect. When his grandfather finds out, he begins emailing, opening up about when he was a youth and had a similar experience as a youth being attracted to fundamentalism. His story takes place onContinue reading “REVIEW: Picture in the Sand”

Pub Day REVIEW: What Lies in the Woods

Twenty two years ago, three eleven year old best friends used to play imaginary games in the woods. But on one horrible afternoon they were attacked, with Naomi’s testimony a serial killer was arrested. Now a podcaster is looking into the truth of their story and the girls are forced to confront what really happenedContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: What Lies in the Woods”

REVIEW: In the Time of Our History

This one reminded me of A Woman is No Man or Thrity Umrigar’s Honor. We get a story about the realities of women living in cultures / religions where they are expected to be subservient and less than. Mitra is a modern woman living in the US and although her parents live here as well,Continue reading “REVIEW: In the Time of Our History”

Pub Week REVIEW: All the Dangerous Things

When Isabelle’s toddler son goes missing, her life falls apart. Her husband leaves, she can’t sleep and the case quickly goes cold. A chance meeting with a true crime podcaster gives her a chance to look at the disappearance in a new way. As she starts to look back she’s worried more will be uncoveredContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: All the Dangerous Things”

Pub Day REVIEW: Night Wherever We Go

It’s the late 1850s in Texas on a plantation and the family is struggling financially. They decide to bring in a breeding male negro to impregnate their female slaves, more babies means more income long term. The women are understandably angry and will do anything to thwart these efforts. This was another one of thoseContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Night Wherever We Go”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Villa

Emily and Chess are childhood friends and successful writers. Emily has a more steady career with a backlist of cozy mysteries while Chess is a no holds barred non-fiction, self-help guru. Both are looking to get started on their next project but are a bit stalled. Emily is also going through a divorce so ChessContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Villa”

Halloween REVIEW: The Ballad of Perilous Graves

“Mebbe being strong don’t mean being able to hit the hardest. Mebbe being strong means standin’ up even when there ain’t no hope of winning through strength of arms, you dig?” —————————— Perilous Graves is a ten year old boy living in New Orleans, but his NOLA is rife with magic and fantastical creatures. HisContinue reading “Halloween REVIEW: The Ballad of Perilous Graves”

Pub Day REVIEW: Throwing Shadows

This is my third Jerry Roth book, like with his other books the characters all well fleshed out and nuanced even in short form. My challenge with short stories is always wanting more or being left to assume what happened. In this collection we get creepy tales that give us everything you want in a horrorContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Throwing Shadows”

Pub Day REVIEW: Hester

Hester tells us the story of Isobel, a red haired Scot who has synesthesia – an ability to associate colors with letters and sounds. She is from a long line of women descended from a witch who escaped her trial. When Isobel emigrates to Salem, Massachusetts their history with witch trials has her senses heightened andContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Hester”

REVIEW: My Pen is the Wing of a Bird

This powerful collection of stories by Afghani women gives us a glimpse of life in the country that has been in the midst of turmoil for decades. The stories we get are of women fighting to be seen, heard, trusted and valued. Some of the stories are small scenes of violence, longer passages of what it’s likeContinue reading “REVIEW: My Pen is the Wing of a Bird”