REVIEW: Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments

“Thing about my sister is, when she blows her gasket, hot lava fizzes out, and that sh*t scalds like nothing else. But when that lava cools, our island grows a little larger and we find we have new fertile soil in which to grow our relationship.” —————————————- Ropa our ghost-talker is back! Now she hasContinue reading “REVIEW: Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments”

REVIEW: I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Ooh do we get a story full of teenage drama in this one. Reminiscent of John Green, we got a quirky story about the β€œIt” girl in school who goes β€œmissing.” She leaves a series of notes to her classmates, boyfriend and friends to help them both find her and understand her. Along the wayContinue reading “REVIEW: I Kissed Shara Wheeler”

REVIEW: The Atlas Six

I definitely read / ordered this one because of the buzz around it. I think perhaps my expectations were too high, it was a solid story but I wasn’t as wow-ed as I had hoped. The premise is awesome, secret society that holds all of the knowledge of humanity and the magical Medeans. They choose sixContinue reading “REVIEW: The Atlas Six”

REVIEW: Girl in Ice

This was my kind of thriller y’all. A little science, a little historical linguistics, a remote setting… all elements of a compelling mystery. Val, our protagonist, is a linguist by trade… she reminded me a lot of Amy Adam’s character in the movie Arrival. Anyway, she is called out of the blue by her late brother’sContinue reading “REVIEW: Girl in Ice”

REVIEW: Sankofa

A Sankofa is an African symbol of a bird that is looking backward towards its feet, it symbolizes the idea that you must look backwards to move forwards. That is Anna’s journey as she is in the midst of a divorce when her mother dies. She never knew her father but she finds a diaryContinue reading “REVIEW: Sankofa”

REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold

In a Garden Burning Gold is a political fantasy in a very mythological world. The ruling family has some unusual powers that they must implement in wholly unique ways. There are four children (100+ year old children LOL) but we mainly follow Alexandros (Lexos) and Rhea who are first born twins within the family. LexosContinue reading “REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold”

REVIEW: Together We Burn

Zarela and her family are performers, they stoke the flames of their culture with flamenco dancing and dragon fighting (think bull fighting). When her father is injured and can no longer fight as a Dragonador, Zarela decides to take over his mantle herself to save their family arena. Enter the handsome dragon hunter who isContinue reading “REVIEW: Together We Burn”

REVIEW: My Evil Mother

Atwood gives us a lovely short story about the truth behind love. Our main character is a teenage girl in the 1950’s and she is plagued by the overbearing and a bit unusual claims her mother makes. As the girl grows older and becomes a mother herself, we see her begin to understand the methodContinue reading “REVIEW: My Evil Mother”

πŸŽ‰ COVER REVEAL: Finding Harmony πŸŽ‰

Can two people-pleasing musicians win the grand prize, or will they be forced to give up music for good? Newly hired worship leader Elijah Peterson can’t seem to catch a break with his church’s congregation. With conflicting demands from congregants, he struggles to find a way to make everyone happy, especially Don, a man who’s rumored to have driven out the last worship leader. Music teacherContinue reading “πŸŽ‰ COVER REVEAL: Finding Harmony πŸŽ‰”

To Marry and to Meddle

I’m not a huge regency romance reader but I do enjoy when the stories have good banter and women who have depth. When I read Waters’ To Love and to Loathe last year, it was the best of the genre I’ve read so far, I wanted to see what Jeremy and Diana would be upContinue reading “To Marry and to Meddle”