REVIEW: Forager

“The searing of our God is put inside of us, like rounds of chemotherapy, aiming to kill off all the bad parts and leave the good alone.” ——————————- Michelle grows up in a cult started by her grandfather, it is Christian based so her femininity is a threat. Growing up she is indoctrinated into allContinue reading “REVIEW: Forager”


I know there’s a lot of controversy around this one, but it’s definitely unprecedented to have such frank access to a royal family member. This document will be analyzed forever throughout history. I don’t blame Harry for taking the opportunity to tell his truth. Especially because he feels so deeply that his family didn’t properlyContinue reading “REVIEW: Spare”

REVIEW: Surrender

Was there ever any doubt how many stars I was gonna give this one? 🤓 As a U2 diehard, it more than met my expectations. It’s lyrical and poetic, deeply philosophical and intensely spiritual. It’s everything you want from Bono and more. He’s both humble and self deprecating in the way only the Irish can. HeContinue reading “REVIEW: Surrender”

REVIEW: Fatty Fatty Boom Boom

I fell in love with Rabia Chaudry’s sensibilities and passions listening to her podcast, Undisclosed. When I saw that she was writing a book about her life, I was immediately on board. I enjoyed it as much as I hoped to. Rabia tells us about her young life in Pakistan and immigrating to America, whatContinue reading “REVIEW: Fatty Fatty Boom Boom”

REVIEW: The Devil’s Highway

OK, I know this one is more than a decade old now. But when I read and loved American Dirt, this was the book that was recommended to give a more accurate representation of what it’s like to cross the border. I enjoyed the narrative and the detail about this people who tried to crossContinue reading “REVIEW: The Devil’s Highway”

RIP Queen Elizabeth

Definitely have mixed feelings about the late monarch but she has had a role in many historic moments. She definitely has had an immense life, one that she certainly would not have had but for her uncle’s abdication. Is that chance? Is it fate? I find the whole history of the British monarchy to beContinue reading “RIP Queen Elizabeth”

REVIEW: Bad City

I was a little reluctant to read Bad City, simply because I sort of know the subject of the expose. I work in the world of ophthalmology and have had some dealings with the illustrious Dr Puliafito. He definitely has had a reputation in the industry, both as a very smart, savvy business man andContinue reading “REVIEW: Bad City”

REVIEW: Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases

Paul Holes is a forensic investigator based in California and therefore has been involved with some of the most high profile cases in the last few decades. He worked with Michelle McNamara as his obsession with catching the Golden State Killer / East Area Rapist fueled him as much as it did her. He wasContinue reading “REVIEW: Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases”

REVIEW: The Sewing Girl’s Tale

Anyone who was shaken, heartbroken and empowered by Chanel Miller’s Know My Name should pick this one up and see just how long women in America have fought to get their rapists to be punished for their crimes. How long women in America have fought for their humanity and autonomy. For their words to beContinue reading “REVIEW: The Sewing Girl’s Tale”

REVIEW: River of the Gods

The River of the Gods is a story about two colleagues turned rivals Richard Burton and John Speak’s quest to find the source of the Nile. In other words, a story about a bunch of rich white dudes “discovering” geography long known by the African natives. The two make absolute fools of themselves trying toContinue reading “REVIEW: River of the Gods”