REVIEW: The Endless Vessel

Charles Soule has an interesting mind. This one kept me wondering the whole time. It is a bit of a heavy handed commentary on the greediness and misery of humanity, but I loved the unique package it is delivered in. We get two distinct timelines. A slightly future Hong Kong where Lily lives and works asContinue reading “REVIEW: The Endless Vessel”

Pub Day REVIEW: Killing Moon

Harry Hole is a disgraced detective drinking himself to death exiled from Norway to LA. He tries to help a friend and gets himself caught up in scrape that sends him straight back to Oslo. There he is hired for a big fee to solve some murders being pinned on a rich bigwig. Along theContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Killing Moon”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Final Party

Ness is turning 40. She and her husband have invited their two closest couple friends on holiday in Sorrento with them. They are there to celebrate, but they are also there to settle an old score. This group has secrets and they are threatening to come out. Whew, these are the most complex group ofContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Final Party”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Chateau

Darcy and her three best friends are on holiday in France staying at her grandmother’s chateau. Her grandmother is quite old and has asked them to gather one last time. She has a message for each of them. But before she can deliver it, she is brutally murdered in her bed. The girls are leftContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Chateau”

Pub Day REVIEW: Yellowface

Juniper and Athena are writers. One successful and one not. Their friendship is of convenience until one night Juniper witnesses Athena’s death. Before she leaves the apartment she swipes Athena’s latest manuscript and decides to rewrite and publish it. It’s a sensation but quickly people wonder about a white woman writing a masterpiece about ChineseContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Yellowface”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Ferryman

“Why, when our waking lives are so satisfying, should we feel the need for such torturous flights of storytelling?” ———— As in real life, Earth is dying. Prospera is humanity’s only hope. Citizens live in peace and structured prosperity when they come to the end of their very long lives they are retired. They takeContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Ferryman”

Pub Day REVIEW: Warrior Girl Unearthed

Perry and Pauline are the twin nieces of our beloved Daunis. They are in highschool and spending the summer in an internship program for Native teens. She finds herself working in the local museum learning all about the artifacts and their care. When she learns about the battles to bring back sacred items and ancestor’sContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Warrior Girl Unearthed”

Pub Day REVIEW: You Shouldn’t Have Come Here

Grace is an attractive single woman who chooses her vacations by throwing a dart at a dartboard. This time it has landed her on a ranch in Wyoming. She is totally unprepared for the wildness of where she is staying, but is immediately intrigued by the handsome rancher. She learns to fish and horseback rideContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: You Shouldn’t Have Come Here”

Pub Day REVIEW: Five First Chances

Louisa is reliving the same few months over and over. She gets five chances to re-live her friend’s birthday party and the few months following it. In each case she is surrounded by the same handful of people and most of the same events unfold. But she has some awareness of what is happening andContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Five First Chances”

REVIEW: To Swoon and to Spar

Viscount Penvale is a young man living his life but hoping for more. He desperately wants to regain his childhood home from his uncle. When his uncle finally approaches him to sell the manor, he has one stipulation, that Penvale marry his young ward, Jane. Penvale agrees out of desperation but expects little from theContinue reading “REVIEW: To Swoon and to Spar”