REVIEW: Big Gay Wedding

Barnett is from small town Louisiana, grew up on a sheltered farm in a little bigoted town. He knew he was gay, but had to move away in order to be himself. Now he is back. His mother thinks he’s back to take over the farm now that his father has passed. But he’s reallyContinue reading “REVIEW: Big Gay Wedding”

Friday Feature: Dykette

An addictive, absurd, and darkly hilarious debut novel about a young woman who embarks on a ten-day getaway with her partner and two other queer couples. Sasha and Jesse are professionally creative, erotically adventurous, and passionately dysfunctional twentysomethings making a life together in Brooklyn. When a pair of older, richer lesbians—prominent news host Jules ToddContinue reading “Friday Feature: Dykette”

REVIEW: Kiss Her Once For Me

Ellie has a perfect afternoon with a stranger on Christmas Eve in the snow (yes the perfect stranger/ love of my life trope). The next day her life goes back to normal and she’s not sure just what went wrong. She pines for what she lost and turns the story into a webcomic. One yearContinue reading “REVIEW: Kiss Her Once For Me”

REVIEW: The Jasmine Throne & The Oleander Sword

I listened to these stories back to back on a trip, so I’m going to review them together because my brain is unable to separate the two from one another. I promise no spoilers though. The Burning Kingdoms series focuses on two families of the royal class in a India-inspired fantasy world. These families areContinue reading “REVIEW: The Jasmine Throne & The Oleander Sword”

REVIEW: You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince

Matthew Prince is a rich, young socialite. His parents are famous and wealthy and he does everything he can to find a name for himself. Including buying an island to throw a Fyre-like festival which is a PR nightmare. So his parents cut him off and ship him to his grandparents in a quaint townContinue reading “REVIEW: You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince”