Time for another great bookmail stack and our new pup Herman is overwhelmed at the number of books he needs to show off this week! This week I’ve got a mix of birthday gifts and gifts from publishers. Thanks to all the following folks who sent me these glorious books: Anno Dracula – a birthdayContinue reading “Bookmail”

REVIEW: Chasing the Boogeyman

Richard Chizmar is a writer not a detective. When a creepy serial killer strikes in his small home town, his interest gets the best of him as he falls down the rabbit hole trying to crack the case. In the process he ingratiates himself with the detectives on the case, inadvertently becomes a suspect and findsContinue reading “REVIEW: Chasing the Boogeyman”


Is it too late to post my July wrap up?!  Life got away from me a little bit… July is my favorite month – work is a little lighter, weather is super hot and it’s my birthday month. I find most years I read less in the summer because I’m outdoors more enjoying the wondersContinue reading “JULY WRAP UP”

REVIEW: The River Has Teeth

What an unusual dark fantasy Erica Waters has created with The River Has Teeth! The Lloyd family has been one with the magic of The Bend for generations. They are that unusual family who lives outside of town that no one wants to associate until they need something. Potions, that is. Potions for their cheating husbands,Continue reading “REVIEW: The River Has Teeth”

REVIEW: One Two Three

OMG – I love this book! The format, the characters, the mystery and in this case… the narrator of the audiobook. One Two Three is the story of a town, a town ravaged by a disaster, one that impacted their water and caused lots of deaths and birth defects. Mab, Monday and Mirabel are tripletsContinue reading “REVIEW: One Two Three”

REVIEW: Where the Truth Lies

Where the Truth Lies is a mystery that takes place in a small town full of despicable people. I’m not sure I’ve read a book where I literally disliked everyone, including the victim. When Abi goes missing we get to see how this small town turns against one another as their secrets are slowly revealed. Continue reading “REVIEW: Where the Truth Lies”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Dead and the Dark

“How our mind rewrites our memories from scratch every time we think something up. If we wanted, we could forget a piece of our lives completely. Just… write over it.” ——————————- The Dead and the Dark is a creepy, complex paranormal mystery that should be made into a movie ASAP!Logan is the daughter of twoContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Dead and the Dark”

REVIEW: The Last Nomad

“Stories have always created understanding and connection between humans. In this great era of misunderstanding, I wish to help rein us back to our shared humanity.” ———————– The story of Shugri’s life opened a new door for me, one that helped me to understand the life of women in Somalia. Born to a nomadic tribe,Continue reading “REVIEW: The Last Nomad”

⚡️ REVIEW: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein ⚡️

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein envisions a young ward of the Frankenstein family who captures the eye of Victor. Escaping from her life of poverty seems like a dream and she ingratiates herself with the family becoming a companion to their unusual son. She begins to see that something might be not quite rightContinue reading “⚡️ REVIEW: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein ⚡️”

REVIEW: Redemptor

“The only thing more powerful than a wish is purpose.” ————————————— The Raybearer was one of my favorite fantasy reads of last year and Redemptor is a beautiful ending to the story. Tarisai is the principled heroine that we all need in our lives. She learns some hard lessons as she must build her councilContinue reading “REVIEW: Redemptor”