Audiobook REVIEW: The Cross of Ciaran

Ciaran is the son of a goddess, he is to bear a child in her name and sacrifice the woman who bears the child, as is the tradition of priests of his time. When he meets a young woman who is a Christian, he will do anything to be with her (and keep her fromContinue reading “Audiobook REVIEW: The Cross of Ciaran”

REVIEW: Before I Let Go

Yasmen and Josiah have a marriage all of their friends envy but after a year of loss their marriage has ended and they’ve moved on to being business partners and co-parents. They are navigating their new reality trying to balance their children’s reactions and their own feelings. I thought this was a very real andContinue reading “REVIEW: Before I Let Go”

Pub Day REVIEW: I’m NOT Charlotte Lucas

Where are my Pride and Prejudice fans at? This is not a retelling but an adorable homage.Charlie Lucas is a 27 year old whose life is stuck in a bit of a rut. She’s single, her art career has stalled and she’s found herself living in her parents attic working at the bank dreaming aboutContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: I’m NOT Charlotte Lucas”

REVIEW: The Bennet Women

The Bennet Women is billed as a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. EJ, Jaime and Tessa are college girls living in a women’s dorm at a prestigious college. EJ is an ambitious Black engineer who is more focused on her future than love. Tessa is a newly transitioned woman who is navigating the dayContinue reading “REVIEW: The Bennet Women”

REVIEW: Come True

“I’m not paper. Today, I am a tree. And all the misogynistic huffing and puffing in the world won’t blow me down.” ——————————— Dolly has made some recent bad choices in life and has been living a year of atonement. Quiet, reserved and restricting herself from anything that she deems as indulgent. When she buysContinue reading “REVIEW: Come True”

2022 Reading By the numbers

300 books 101,945 pages204 Netgalley / ARC / Author request 66 Backlist 67 Audiobook 231 Female 87 BIPOC author 32 Contemporary 57 Historical Fiction 100 Fantasy / Scifi 43 Thriller / Mystery 17 Horror 26 Romance 24 Non-fiction 1 Graphic Novel 7 DNF

REVIEW: Kiss Her Once For Me

Ellie has a perfect afternoon with a stranger on Christmas Eve in the snow (yes the perfect stranger/ love of my life trope). The next day her life goes back to normal and she’s not sure just what went wrong. She pines for what she lost and turns the story into a webcomic. One yearContinue reading “REVIEW: Kiss Her Once For Me”

REVIEW: Christmas Clash

Chloe and Peter are teenagers whose parents have rival restaurants in the local mall. They’ve grown up with their parents always being contentious but when the landlord decides to sell and demolish the mall they are forced to work together to try to save their family livelihoods. I enjoyed this story even though I’m notContinue reading “REVIEW: Christmas Clash”

November Wrap Up

This month felt a little slower, I only read 20 books. I did have one DNF but I’m most proud of myself for digging deep in the Netgalley queue to knock a few more of my 2020 backlist. I finally hit 50%! 📗 Sugaring Off* ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 📘 Fatty Fatty Boom Boom* ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 📕 Nightbitch* – DNF at 25%Continue reading “November Wrap Up”

Pub Day REVIEW: Never Ever Getting Back Together

When Jordy’s sister married a prince, he became quite a sought after bachelor. He grows tired of girls chasing him for money and fame so he decides to re-investigate whether his pre-fame exes could have been the one… on a reality TV show of course. We get to see the show unravel through the eyesContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Never Ever Getting Back Together”