REVIEW: The Endless Vessel

Charles Soule has an interesting mind. This one kept me wondering the whole time. It is a bit of a heavy handed commentary on the greediness and misery of humanity, but I loved the unique package it is delivered in. We get two distinct timelines. A slightly future Hong Kong where Lily lives and works asContinue reading “REVIEW: The Endless Vessel”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Ferryman

“Why, when our waking lives are so satisfying, should we feel the need for such torturous flights of storytelling?” ———— As in real life, Earth is dying. Prospera is humanity’s only hope. Citizens live in peace and structured prosperity when they come to the end of their very long lives they are retired. They takeContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Ferryman”


“You know how to live in a body, but not how to be one.” ——————————— What an unusual story. I’m not quite sure what to think of what I just read. It was super weird and yet completely absorbing. I’m not sure if it would be a bit slow for someone not interested in science. IContinue reading “REVIEW: Leech”

REVIEW: Wild Seed

I’m a huge fan of Octavia Butler and I have been trying to work my way through her back list. When I saw Wild Seed was on Kindle Unlimited, I thought it was time for me to immerse myself in The Patternist’s story.  Butler’s dystopian stories always mirror real world issues with a bit of fantasticalContinue reading “REVIEW: Wild Seed”

Pub Day REVIEW: Upgrade

Blake Crouch does it again! He and Andy Weir are my go-to sci-fi authors that always promise me a thrill ride along with an education. In this story, Logan Ramsay is an agent in the Gene Protection Agency and he is working to alleviate the guilt he has for his mother’s crimes. Both are brilliantContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Upgrade”

REVIEW: Blackfish City

“Stories are where we find ourselves, where we find the others who are like us. Gather enough stories and soon you’re not alone; you are an army.” ——————————– Ok, you’re gonna have to stay with me for a second on this review – this is one of those unusual dystopian books I was obsessed withContinue reading “REVIEW: Blackfish City”

REVIEW: Klara and the Sun

“Until recently, I didn’t think that humans could choose loneliness. That there were sometimes forces more powerful than the wish to avoid loneliness.” ————————– Klara is an Artificial Friend, when we first meet her she is in the store just hoping to be purchased. We see the depth of her observation about the world, andContinue reading “REVIEW: Klara and the Sun”

REVIEW: Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

Just because you can do something alone doesn’t mean you should. Sena is hard and disassociated from most human relationships after losing her mothers. She is surviving as a pick pocket hoping to save up enough to get off the planet and onto a new life. Her life is turned upside down when she attractsContinue reading “REVIEW: Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves”

REVIEW: The Last Cuentista

“Books became our language. Books became our home. Books became our lives.” ———————- A cuentista is a storyteller – a griot – a master of stories and keeper of the ancestor’s memories. Petra is enthralled by her abuela’s skill with storytelling, she wants to know every story and make sure her family and humanity’s waysContinue reading “REVIEW: The Last Cuentista”

🚀 REVIEW: Project Hail Mary 🚀

The Martian is one of my favorite books, as a science nerd and a space nerd, it hit all the marks for me. But when Artemis came out, I thought it was just ok, so I was super nervous about PHM. I wanted so badly to love it… AND I DID!!! I don’t want toContinue reading “🚀 REVIEW: Project Hail Mary 🚀”