Pub Day Review: REVIEW: A Spell of Rowans

“My mother, the witch from a fairytale with no happy ending.” ———————————- A Spell of Rowans is more of a murder mystery and family drama than a book about witches and magic. It reminded me in a lot of ways of The Family Plot. The Rowans are an unusual family in a small town andContinue reading “Pub Day Review: REVIEW: A Spell of Rowans”

REVIEW: All These Bodies

“The kind that knew even back then that the dark was a whole other world. That it soaked up the daylight one like a biscuit dipped in coffee.” —————————— 15 bodies. 15 bloodless bodies. Strewn across four states. Fifteen year old Marie Catherine Hale is taken from the last crime scene covered in blood andContinue reading “REVIEW: All These Bodies”

Pub Day Review: Within these Wicked Walls

“You’re a surprisingly slow learner, Andromeda.” “Quick learner,” I said, my mind too tired to keep an annoyed bite from peeking through. “Slow follower.” ————————————- Within these Wicked Walls is THE PERFECT read for spooky season. Andromeda is a debtera, an Ethiopian exorcist, who is desperately trying to earn a patronage so that she canContinue reading “Pub Day Review: Within these Wicked Walls”

REVIEW: The Judge’s List

Grisham is back in his sweet spot with The Judge’s List, this novel is a cat and mouse game as the judicial commission tries to investigate a judge who may be a serial killer. We’ve met Lacy before in The Whistler and she’s now been dragged into another criminal case. She is contacted by a womanContinue reading “REVIEW: The Judge’s List”

👻 REVIEW: The Ghost Tree 👻

The Ghost Tree was definitely a cover buy for me. The premise reminded me of something Stephen King might write although the characters were definitely more YA. At times it gave me IT vibes, with a big bad unknown evil secretly terrorizing this small town.  Lauren is a pre-teen who is frustrated that her bestContinue reading “👻 REVIEW: The Ghost Tree 👻”

REVIEW: Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is domestic thriller meets horror. We all know that the most important part of a horror story is location and Alice Feeney gets it right with this one! The bulk of the story is set in a converted old chapel in the Scottish Highlands where a couple are celebrating their anniversary. TheContinue reading “REVIEW: Rock Paper Scissors”

REVIEW: 56 Days

Wow, this one really came out of nowhere for me. I saw some buzz about it when it was a BOTM selection so I decided to request it on @netgalley and luckily I was granted access. I really enjoyed this story. It’s timely (it takes place as the pandemic is hitting), it’s atmospheric (Dublin *sigh*), it’sContinue reading “REVIEW: 56 Days”

🛫 REVIEW: Falling 🛬

Narrator Performance: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Overall Book Rating: ⭐️⭐⭐⭐⭐️️ When Bill’s family is kidnapped as he boards his flight, he is faced with an impossible decision to crash his plane killing himself and 143 people or let them both die. The conceit of this one is the stuff of any run of the mill thriller, but the executionContinue reading “🛫 REVIEW: Falling 🛬”

REVIEW: The Family Plot

“Were you one of those color-outside-the-line sort of kids? That doesn’t mean you’re creative, you know, it means you’re wrong.” —————————————— The Lighthouse family is the Addams Family meets The Royal Tenenbaums. They are quirky, insular, devoted to each other and completely obsessed with murder. The island they live on has been haunted by aContinue reading “REVIEW: The Family Plot”

REVIEW: Chasing the Boogeyman

Richard Chizmar is a writer not a detective. When a creepy serial killer strikes in his small home town, his interest gets the best of him as he falls down the rabbit hole trying to crack the case. In the process he ingratiates himself with the detectives on the case, inadvertently becomes a suspect and findsContinue reading “REVIEW: Chasing the Boogeyman”