REVIEW: Someone Else’s Life

In the middle of an epic storm in Kauai, a stranded motorist knocks on Annie’s door. She lets the woman in to wait out the storm and after a few glasses of wine begins to wonder if this woman may have other motives. Both women’s pasts are slowly revealed as the storm rages outside andContinue reading “REVIEW: Someone Else’s Life”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Angel Maker

Alex North gives us another solid mystery with The Angel Maker. I’m not sure I agree that this one is labelled a thriller but it’s a suspenseful, sometimes creepy story with a nice police procedural peppered throughout. We get a few different viewpoints of what ostensibly starts off as a missing person story and ends up withContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Angel Maker”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Writing Retreat

“The few times I’d timidly given her one of my stories to read, she’d found pleasure in pointing out any improbabilities. This would never happen.” ——————————— Yeah, that quote says it all for me. It’s a bit like Nanowrimo if a maniacal Willy Wonka type ran it. The Plot meets The Finalists meets The Hunting Wives.Continue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Writing Retreat”

REVIEW: Exiles

At last year’s local wine festival, a mother goes missing, leaving her baby alone in the park. A year later, there is no leads on what happened. Detective Falk is in the area for a christening and he finds himself drawn into the small community, looking to put together the pieces and solve the disappearanceContinue reading “REVIEW: Exiles”

Pub Week REVIEW: The Drift

“No one ever thinks they’re the bad guy. We all kid ourselves that we’re the hero of the story. And we’re usually wrong.” ——————– Is it too early to be reading virus-related dystopian fiction?  I say no, especially if it’s this good! I absolutely loved this story! I’m not going to summarize because I thinkContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: The Drift”

Pub Day REVIEW: What Lies in the Woods

Twenty two years ago, three eleven year old best friends used to play imaginary games in the woods. But on one horrible afternoon they were attacked, with Naomi’s testimony a serial killer was arrested. Now a podcaster is looking into the truth of their story and the girls are forced to confront what really happenedContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: What Lies in the Woods”

REVIEW and LFL Dropoff: Locust Lane

Small town Massachusetts is nothing special but then a young girl is killed all of the secrets of the town are dug up and exposed in order to figure out what really happened to her. We get dramatic scenes of teens partying, using drugs and committing sexual violence and similar scenes of betrayals, affairs andContinue reading “REVIEW and LFL Dropoff: Locust Lane”

Pub Week REVIEW: All the Dangerous Things

When Isabelle’s toddler son goes missing, her life falls apart. Her husband leaves, she can’t sleep and the case quickly goes cold. A chance meeting with a true crime podcaster gives her a chance to look at the disappearance in a new way. As she starts to look back she’s worried more will be uncoveredContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: All the Dangerous Things”

REVIEW: The Stranded

When the world war to end all wars takes place, biological weapons are key. The folks who survive with no virus exposure are people with berths on cruise ships. A whole society is formed with totalitarian leadership that controls everything. The upper decks have it a bit better but the lower decks are rife with crimeContinue reading “REVIEW: The Stranded”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Villa

Emily and Chess are childhood friends and successful writers. Emily has a more steady career with a backlist of cozy mysteries while Chess is a no holds barred non-fiction, self-help guru. Both are looking to get started on their next project but are a bit stalled. Emily is also going through a divorce so ChessContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Villa”