REVIEW: A Dowry of Blood

“We’ve waltzed through a hundred tiny apocalypses, you and I, walked unharmed through the ash of countless crumbling regimes. We feast on the ruin of empires, Constanta. Their destructionis our high feast day.” —————————— Oh how I love a good story about Dracula. In this tale we are reading his “wife” Constanta’s final letters toContinue reading “REVIEW: A Dowry of Blood”

REVIEW: Stoker’s Manuscript

When a rare book dealer is asked to source and authenticate the original Dracula manuscript by Bram Stoker, he ends up mired in a centuries old Transylvanian family feud. Once an orphan in Romania, he is forced to return to his homeland to meet his client – the son of Vlad the Impaler. He quicklyContinue reading “REVIEW: Stoker’s Manuscript”

REVIEW: Woman, Eating

Hmm… not sure about this one. Lydia is a vampire who is obsessed with the idea of eating human food. She is half Japanese and half Malaysian, living in London and wanting so desperately to belong to the human race. She struggles relating to others and finds herself questioning how her mother raised her and howContinue reading “REVIEW: Woman, Eating”

REVIEW: The Coldest Touch

I love a good vampire story… this one was a bit unique. Claire is a vampire who shepherds others who are going through the transition for the vampire council. When she is given an assignment to help evolve the new Death Oracle into an asset for them, she is startled by the young high school girlContinue reading “REVIEW: The Coldest Touch”

REVIEW: Mina and the Undead

Are vampires real? Mina doesn’t think so. But she loves the lore of it, from Dracula to Lestat her family is immersed. When she agrees to spend the summer in New Orleans with her sister, she finds herself surrounded by dead bodies. At first it seems like they are coincidences, after all they do workContinue reading “REVIEW: Mina and the Undead”