REVIEW: The Whalebone Theatre

… for it is exactly the thinning of the ordinary that allows the unordinary through.” —————————– Honestly the first half of this book was uniquely magical, unlike anything I had read before. Christabel is a plucky, imaginative child with a broken home life who infuses the world around her with joy. She and her siblingsContinue reading “REVIEW: The Whalebone Theatre”

REVIEW: Lost Souls of Leningrad

There is a lot of WWII fiction out there, it was an immense moment in history and every story deserves to be heard. The author starts with a note telling us why she was motivated to tell this story, the fact that the Eastern European front does not get as much attention as stories ofContinue reading “REVIEW: Lost Souls of Leningrad”

REVIEW: The Vanishing

When Sophie‘s family is impacted by the violence of the Holocaust, she realizes something amazing about herself. She can make herself invisible. She uses this power to help those around her and in particular try to ensure the safety of her friend. This story spans through most of the war and takes us to allContinue reading “REVIEW: The Vanishing”

REVIEW: The London House

“Our conceptions of love and home are very different…” —————————— The London House is a story that explores the idea of familial trauma and the truth behind the buried secrets a family holds. Caroline is named after her great aunt, a woman who was beloved and venerated by her twin sister after she died quiteContinue reading “REVIEW: The London House”