Pub Day REVIEW: The Next New Syrian Girl

“You’re a double agent like me. We’re stuck in no man’s land, trying to be all parts of ourselves yet not allowed to be either or all at the same time. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, and we aren’t given any tools to carve out a place to belong.” ————————– Being aContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Next New Syrian Girl”

REVIEW: The Sunbearer Trials

Every decade an epic competition is launched to replenish the sun’s power and governance over existence. The children of the gods are chosen to compete with one selected as the sunbearer and another selected as a blood sacrifice. As far as Teo is aware, there has never been the child of a demi-god chosen toContinue reading “REVIEW: The Sunbearer Trials”

REVIEW: The Black Kids

“The world doesn’t let black children be children for very long.” ———————— Ashley is a girl of wealth and privilege living in LA in the 90’s. She is one of a handful of Black kids who all come from different backgrounds and aren’t really friends. We start with Ashley’s life with her mostly white,  privileged friendsContinue reading “REVIEW: The Black Kids”

Pub Day REVIEW: Immortality

I enjoyed last year’s Anatomy where we followed Hazel as she pretended to be a man to learn to be a surgeon in early 1800’s Edinburgh. She is practicing medicine now, as well as she can as a woman who has not qualified, often helping those who can not afford a “real” doctor. When sheContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Immortality”

REVIEW: This Poison Heart

Briseis is adopted and living happily, albeit maybe not so affluently with her mothers. They run a flower shop that relies on Brisies’s special talent with plants. They can’t quite explain it and know enough to keep it secret but it’s barely helping them scrape by. On the summer of Briseis’s 17th year, they areContinue reading “REVIEW: This Poison Heart”

Pub Week REVIEW: Wildblood

“You are no lesser person because of what you survived. Your faults, vices, trauma, pain… those make you as much wholly you as all the joy and talent and love and vibrancy in you.” ————————— Deep in the jungles of Jamaica lie all sorts of strange magical monsters. Tourists who wish to journey on theContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: Wildblood”

REVIEW: Poster Girl

Veronica Roth does dystopian like no other, we get these complex, character driven stories with well detailed worlds that are slowly revealed to us as the characters deal with their day to day struggles.  Sonya is a political prisoner. As a young girl, she was a supporter of and poster girl for the now fallenContinue reading “REVIEW: Poster Girl”

Pub Day REVIEW: Dead Flip

What a love letter to the 90’s this book is! From page one we are dripping in TGIF, arcade and Huey Lewis references. We get great 2020s rep though, our main character is Iranian and one of his best friends is queer. Maz, Cori and Sam are pre-teen besties until Sam goes missing one Halloween.Continue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Dead Flip”