REVIEW: I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Ooh do we get a story full of teenage drama in this one. Reminiscent of John Green, we got a quirky story about the “It” girl in school who goes “missing.” She leaves a series of notes to her classmates, boyfriend and friends to help them both find her and understand her. Along the wayContinue reading “REVIEW: I Kissed Shara Wheeler”

REVIEW: The Coldest Touch

I love a good vampire story… this one was a bit unique. Claire is a vampire who shepherds others who are going through the transition for the vampire council. When she is given an assignment to help evolve the new Death Oracle into an asset for them, she is startled by the young high school girlContinue reading “REVIEW: The Coldest Touch”

REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold

In a Garden Burning Gold is a political fantasy in a very mythological world. The ruling family has some unusual powers that they must implement in wholly unique ways. There are four children (100+ year old children LOL) but we mainly follow Alexandros (Lexos) and Rhea who are first born twins within the family. LexosContinue reading “REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold”

REVIEW: Together We Burn

Zarela and her family are performers, they stoke the flames of their culture with flamenco dancing and dragon fighting (think bull fighting). When her father is injured and can no longer fight as a Dragonador, Zarela decides to take over his mantle herself to save their family arena. Enter the handsome dragon hunter who isContinue reading “REVIEW: Together We Burn”

Year of the Reaper

Did I just willingly read a pandemic book? LOL – I thought maybe in a fantasy world it would be less devastating. Nope! In fact, in this book the devastation was much worse. Heavy emotions flood through this one, all of our main characters have been touched in some way. Cas was captured, tortured andContinue reading “Year of the Reaper”

REVIEW: Dear Justyce

Dear Martin was an absolute knock out of a read, it should be on every high schooler’s must read list. Dear Justyce imagines Justyce a little older and receiving letter this time from acquaintance Quan who has been recently incarcerated. From the letters we learn about the “crime” he is convinced of, the state of his homeContinue reading “REVIEW: Dear Justyce”

REVIEW: Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

Just because you can do something alone doesn’t mean you should. Sena is hard and disassociated from most human relationships after losing her mothers. She is surviving as a pick pocket hoping to save up enough to get off the planet and onto a new life. Her life is turned upside down when she attractsContinue reading “REVIEW: Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves”

REVIEW: The Last Cuentista

“Books became our language. Books became our home. Books became our lives.” ———————- A cuentista is a storyteller – a griot – a master of stories and keeper of the ancestor’s memories. Petra is enthralled by her abuela’s skill with storytelling, she wants to know every story and make sure her family and humanity’s waysContinue reading “REVIEW: The Last Cuentista”

REVIEW: The Counterclockwise Heart

When nights pass as hours the sameThe end of time will startA sacrifice is all that savesThe counterclockwise heart ————————– The Counterclockwise Heart is an epically beautiful, magic-filled adventure story in the vein of classic Aesop’s fables. It has characters you want to root for, an atmospheric setting and a historic magic feud complete withContinue reading “REVIEW: The Counterclockwise Heart”

❄️ January Wrap Up ❄️

This month I read 28ish books. 🤣 I’m counting The Book of Accidents because I’m nearly there and I’m sure I’ll have finished by the end of the day (and that brick is thick, surely I’ve read a full book’s worth already!) I made a nice dent in my Netgalley checking off 9. Participated in 4Continue reading “❄️ January Wrap Up ❄️”